Anti-Fashion Statement: An Introduction

When googling “silicon valley fashion” to see if any other distraught clothing lovers were out here in the only normal sector of northern California… I came across an unbearably offensive photo.  A tad expected, but offensive nonetheless.  Here it is:

While my eyes widened at the photo that encompasses the stereotype of what Silicon Valley-ers believe to be fashionable, I felt a pit of shame manifesting inside me.  What stared back at me was nothing less of a striped dishonor, not to mention its denim accompaniment only making matters more painful.

As I reveled in the idea of hackers at their computers in nothing but these beauties, I came closer to my revelation.  Would you care to hear my revelation?

No? Well, I’ll share it anyway: these socks represent more than an anti-fashion statement alone.  These striped feet garments embody the very attitude of the valley and the spirit of the entrepreneur, and most effectively, the “I don’t give a fuck-ism” that plagues the technological region.

They are a symbol of Silicon Valley fashion — and are actually really comfortable, to say the least.

The lesson?  Never judge a sock by its denim partner… or techies and coders by their sartorial choices.


3 thoughts on “Anti-Fashion Statement: An Introduction

  1. Wow, those socks are quite the embarrassment. But I guess it’s just something quirky to do around the office. Oh people these days.

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