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Feet in Their Birthday Suit

Upon departure of a restaurant/bar around 11pm, I ran into a then stranger, Zachary.  Before he could tell me what his startup was called, I asked him if I could document his brave sartorial choices… or lack there-of.  I noticed he was walking the streets of Palo Alto shoe-less and sock-less.  Barefoot.zmoney

Flaunting naked feet is not just for the homeless.  It is an upcoming entrepreneurial anti-fashion statement of the valley.  And my now acquaintance, Z-Money, was killing it.

I guess if you’re going to try this trend, you may as well try it in a clean area, as the Z-man did.  You still run the risk of developing a toe fungus, ruining a pedicure, or cutting your foot on various street objects.  Zachary didn’t need to walk carefully to avoid said objects.  He roamed the sidewalk naturally, not even making it obvious his trotters were getting infected by frostbite or fungi.Zach and Posse

It would be one thing if Zachary and his posse all decided to strut around shoeless.  But it is quite another thing for Zachary to be the only one in the group to risk a bacterial infection and almost guarantee not getting laid that night.

The simplest statements are what make the valley style so unique.  Bare feet are not only a fashion statement, but a representation of the entrepreneurial spirit of the region.  Screw shoes. Think different.  Z-money.

Clearly, I am not a photographer.  Don’t judge.  Photos taken in the glorious Downtown Palo Alto.


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